Campground Review: Hidden Acres (Bowling Green, VA)

March 10, 2014 Chuck Campground ReviewsCamping

Initial impression:  We showed up after closing but I wasn’t concerned about not being able to find a a spot since we were prepaid, still in winter and not in a very high population area.  There is a small (phone booth sized) area next to the front door of the store where you can fill […]



Shortage by Lowes and Bruce Hardwood – RESOLVED!

November 1, 2013 Chuck FamilyOverheard at homeRants

I love hardwood floors.  I really love them.  The way they look, it doesn’t matter if they are new, shiny or old and worn.  They give a certain character to a room, almost a throwback. The way they sound when you walk on them. When my wife and I agreed to put down new floors […]



My New Favorite App

November 8, 2012 Chuck Android

I tend to do most of the grocery shopping, well 60% anyway.  And I do not like to have paper lists with me.  The main reason is that I don’t always have a pen to cross things off the list as I go through the store.  Besides, I have a phone that has capabilities that […]


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Here comes THE 10K!

March 27, 2012 Chuck Running

If you live anywhere near Richmond, VA, you know what this coming weekend is.  The official name for it is “The UKrops Monument Avenue 10k, Presented by Martins.”  Since that is more than a mouthful, most of us just refer to it as “The 10k.”  Either you are running it or you aren’t but either […]



Contacts Gone in Android (Samsung Galaxy S) on nTelos

March 23, 2012 Chuck AndroidMiscRants

Ok, let’s just say it has been a stressful couple of days.  I first noticed yesterday when I got texts from my wife and sister that only their phone numbers showed up and no name. I later went to call someone and realized that ALL of my contacts were missing.  The entire “Contacts” screen just showed empty, like a […]



Technically challenged?

March 15, 2012 Chuck FamilyMiscRants

I want to be clear that this is not to make fun of people who are not familiar with technology. If you find that your interaction with me ends up here, consider it an honor.  I will not post names…unless you really earn it. I was building a website for a club.  I don’t want […]



Customer (Non)Service

March 14, 2012 Chuck Rants

As you may have figured out from other posts on this site, I work in the technology industry. I am the director of sales and support for a small(ish) custom web development company.  People pay us to build and/or customize websites for them; primarily ecommerce sites but we also have a nice, flexible CMS package […]


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A User Control to Control User Controls

February 23, 2012 Chuck .NetVB.NetVisual Basic

This was made by a guy I work with, great way to simplify the use of user controls in an ASP.Net application add the following to the web.config under the “controls” section: Then create the following user control: And the following in the code behind: Now, instead of having to call any future user control […]


3 ascxasp.netuser

Exporting asp:repeater to Excel

February 23, 2012 Chuck Family

I had a page where I needed to export the data on a reader to excel. The issue for me was that when I did the regular export, my .xls file that opend has all these broken image links where the “View Details” button was in the repeater. The simple solution for this was to […]


8 asp.netexport to

Clearing and setting selected value of asp:dropdownlist

December 13, 2011 Chuck .NetProgrammingVB.NetVisual Basic

On page postback when a “clear selection” button was pressed, I wanted to set the value of a drop down list back to the default state. ‘ddldays is the ID of the asp:dropdownlist in my application. ‘first we clear the current selection, this prevents an error where the application thinks you are trying to select […]


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